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Placements - Agreement For the Employer
Thank you for registering with River Ridge. Please fill out the following form in full. Please bear in mind River Ridge's goal is to find the best suitable candidate for your office. The more information we can gather the better the search. Please note that all information given to River Ridge is kept confidential unless verbally permitted. Information i.e. Position Experience, City and days/hours can be hosted on the web site at no cost to you to ensure job position is reaching as many candidates as possible. There is no fee to register with the agency. Fees are only due when the position has been filled. A 30 day guarantee is in effect from the first day worked and a $50.00 Per Day Fee is Charged if Candidate is Employed Less than 30 Days.
Agreement (PLEASE READ. Applies to last line on form before submitting)
The employer agrees to pay River Ridge if an applicant sent directly by River Ridge is subsequently hired for a permanent or temporary position within 12 months of initial introduction.
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 River Ridge Dental Placement Agency guarantees the permanent placement of a candidate for 30 days from the first day worked. Any position lasting less than the guarantee date will be considered temporary and a small temporary fee of $50.00 will be charged for each day worked. The difference between the earned temporary fee and the permanent fee charged will be refunded to the employer if any. Please note River Ridge Dental Placement Agency is not responsible for the actions of the candidate sent to your practice. Agreements of employment and salary are made between the candidate and employer.
Fee schedule available upon request.

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